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If you are looking for archives, you have come to the right place! We process and provide legitimate individual reports, such as driving licenses, passports, identification, identity cards, visas, IELTS, certificates, residence permits, work permits

We are quality manufacturers and suppliers of genuine and fake recordings. We process and create archives that you can use to travel and work in the EU. Our authentic registers are significant and are entered in the necessary government database.

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We deliver genuine and curiosity records of various kinds. Most of our articles are printed on excellent printing machines, have legitimate multidimensional images, including mystery data, and have been sent under an ultraviolet lamp and other test devices. Try not to worry about a police officer stopping you! Make sure your records are 100% genuine and written.

frequently asked questions

The driver card is usually issued within two weeks after the service has been requested and the payment has been confirmed, by choosing a high delivery priority through the form. You can apply for a permit within 7 working days. This will result in a sharp increase in the total price.

Payment is requested in advance for the service, as the exercises, the eye examination, the cost of the exams, the guides to learn to drive must be registered (obviously with false dates), and we can not cover these costs at our expense. so do not contact us to request payment after delivery

We only use very secure and non-traceable payment methods for the customer and our security, the payment we use the most, and through cryptocurrency, e.g. bitcoin.

The license is registered in the motorization that is closest to your position. For example, if you are in Stockholm, it will be registered via a motorization branch in Stockholm to make the implementation of your driving license as transparent as possible.

When you send your document, we will also send you a verification disk, a telephone code and a link to a database that you will use to verify the authenticity of the document. With the verification disk, you will be able to see all your information stored in the putative database system. Showing your information in the system means that your document is an actual document. Therefore, you must legally use the document.

All licenses we provide cost between practice and service between a maximum of 860 euros and 2100 euros. The cost varies depending on the type of license required and especially the local motorization closest to your home where you need to register.
In rare cases, it can cost more than the above-mentioned roof.

The driving license will be issued to you with a total of 20 points, flexible if the motorway code is not followed.

The license is sent by registered mail (delivery time 1 to 2 days) to the address you enter in the form to send the request. You will also receive a follow-up to check the status of your shipment.

For this reason, we use payment and contact methods to maintain the customer’s confidentiality and maximum confidentiality.

We are professionals in this field and have done so for several years with 100% success. In addition to testimonials from our customers, you can visit our website to see some examples of documents and sample videos. We receive at least 2-7 orders every day from customers around the world and they always recommend our services to others when they receive their documents. So be sure of our legitimacy.